I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor of AI in Medicine in the Department of Medical Informatics in the Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, where I work on machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) methodology for problems in medicine and psychology. I am currently hiring 2 PhD students (see below) and will be hiring 1 other PhD student soon, stay tuned for news!

In addition to applications in medicine and psychology, my research focuses on machine learning for (human) languages in general, the complex interaction between language and vision, knowledge graphs, and commonsense knowledge.

I am also a visiting research fellow in the Center for Data Science in New York University where I work with Kyunghyun Cho, and a Marie-Curie fellow in the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation in the University of Amsterdam, where I am affiliated to the Dialogue Modelling Group led by Raquel Fernández where I collaborate with many outstanding researchers working at the intersection of language & vision.

The easiest way to find me is online/by email!


  • 2019-2022 IMAGINE: Integrating multimodal, world and commonsense knowledge into language generation. EU H2020 MSCA

  • 2019-2023 Multi3Generation: Multi-task, Multilingual, Multimodal Language Generation. EU COST Action


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