New York University, Center for Data Science

Individual Project Supervision

Master in Artificial Intelligence, University of Amsterdam

Students’ theses

  • Jana Leible (2019-). Improving multi-modal machine translation by learning to tag images.

  • Auke Elfrink (2022-). Predicting the risk of cancer from patients’ electronic health records.

  • Victor Milewski (2019-). Incorporating object relational information into image description generation.

  • Houda Alberts (2019-). Exploiting multi-modal knowledge bases for image description generation.

  • Fábio Paixão Curi (2018-19). Using typological linguistic features to improve low-resource machine translation.

  • Vikrant Yadav (2019-). Hybrid context-based embeddings generated from taxonomical paths (now in Elsevier).

Students’ Individual Projects

  • Maartje de Jonge (2018). Image description generation with separate description and language models.

  • Victor Milewski (2018). Topic mixture models for image description generation.

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