Master in Artificial Intelligence, University of Amsterdam

Students’ theses

  • Jana Leible (2019-). Improving multi-modal machine translation by learning to tag images.

  • Victor Milewski (2019-). Incorporating object relational information into image description generation.

  • Houda Alberts (2019-). Exploiting multi-modal knowledge bases for image description generation.

  • Fábio Paixão Curi (2018-19). Using typological linguistic features to improve low-resource machine translation.

  • Vikrant Yadav (2019-). Hybrid context-based embeddings generated from taxonomical paths (now in Elsevier).

Students’ Individual Projects

  • Maartje de Jonge (2018). Image description generation with separate description and language models.

  • Victor Milewski (2018). Topic mixture models for image description generation.


Raquel Fernández . Since March 2019, I collaborate with Raquel in the context of my Marie-Curie project: IMAGINE: Informing Multi-modal lAnguage Generation wIth world kNowledgE. I am also part of the Dialogue Modelling Group, which is leaded by Raquel.

Khalil Sima'an . I worked with Khalil for 1 year on his VICI NWO project Machine Translators: Teaching Computers to Translate Using their own Words.

Qun Liu . GitHub . Qun was my PhD supervisor in Dublin City University between 2013 – 2017, in the ADAPT Centre. He currently leads the Speech and Language Computing group in Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab.

Andy Way . I was lead engineer in a project with eBay Inc. between 2016 and 2017 as part of the ADAPT Centre, and worked under Andy’s supervision. We studied the application of multi-modal neural machine translation to translating eBay’s product listings. Two joint publications came out of it, and you can find the papers here (EACL) and here (Vision&Language Workshop).

Lucia Specia . GitHub . I met Lucia in classes she taught during my Erasmus Mundus master (in NLP&HLT) in 2012, in Wolverhampton. Later in that year, I worked with Lucia in an EPRSC project where we started studying how to use images in machine translation (before it was cool:). More recently, in 2017, I spent two weeks collaborating with her group funded by the Integrating Vision&Language COST Action, working on multi-task learning for NMT.

Wilker Aziz . I met Wilker in England as a Master student while he was still doing his PhD. Wilker is not just a great friend of mine but really a mentor who has collaborated immensely to enhance my scholarliness (specially in Bayesian neural networks). If you are (very) lucky, you could witness us moonlight as a bossa nova duo.

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